IVY arises anew

Posted by Felix Jedelhauser 29/05/2023 in ESPORTSNEWSUncategorized

A year with many changes. After we fell into the Closed Qualifier of the DPC WEU last season, a lot has happened. So there have been some changes within the team.

DPC WEU Tour 1: At the beginning of the year there was the first major upheaval of our team when among others Fabian „Mo13ei“ Knehr, one of our key players, moved to rival Ancient Tribe. But also Alexandr „pio65“ Zalivako and Mathias „OwnedMe“ Huynh left the squad.

DPC WEU Tou2: In Tour 2 we were joined by Arslan „XANNI“ Shadzhanov, Adam „Ade“ Konicek and Igor „Stojkov“ Stojkov. Despite a strong performance during the season, such as the win against PuckChamp and the 1-2 against Team Secret, we were not able to secure the class preservation. So it was clear that we have to use our second chance in the Closed Qualifiers to participate in Tour 3 and The International Regionals.

DPC WEU Tour 3: For the 3rd Tour and the upcoming Closed Qualifier, we had to completely restructure the team for various reasons. Since one of our long-time key players, namely Jan „Qupe“ Tinnemeier, has retired from the active competitive scene, the current team was formed around our German-speaking veteran Jonas Vincent „jmn“ Matz. (Foundation of the new roster: May 12. 2023)

With the qualification for the DPC WEU Division 2 Tour 3 – hell yeah, we did it! – we are very happy to welcome the following five players to the IVY family:

Roman „Otaker“ Aliullov – VK
Volodymyr „Moonlight“ Bilous
Mihajlo „MikSa“ Jovanovic – Twitter
Aleksandr „rue“ Filin – VK
Jonas Vincent „jmn“ Matz – Twitter | Twitch

We are looking forward to the upcoming DPC season! We also participate in other leagues and tournaments, such as the European Pro League (EPL) and Malta Vibes.

Thanks again to all who have supported us up to this point and continue to do so. We are glad to have such an awesome community! Let’s rock the upcoming season together and experience many great moments! IVY fighting!